SAVI Approach Paper 5: Defining and Measuring Results

SAVI aims to facilitate replicable and sustainable processes of citizen engagement in governance. The programme in each state is locally defined, flexible and adaptive, and results are not predictable in advance. Standardised monitoring tools are not applicable, and consequently we have evolved our tools and frameworks during the programme through processes of learning by doing. Our approach resonates with current debates on adaptive approaches to monitoring.

Partners have no accountable grants from SAVI, and consequently no results framework or formal reporting requirement of their own. SAVI state teams are fully responsible for tracking and reporting partners’ achievements against the programme’s results framework. SAVI’s results framework combines quantitative and qualitative measures of change using a basket of process and tangible results-based indicators. These are broad and open enough to accommodate a wide range of eventualities, both expected and unexpected.

We monitor tangible examples of government responsiveness to citizens which SAVI partners have significantly influenced and the processes of citizen engagement that led to these. We also measure incremental change in the overall responsiveness of state governments to their citizens, and in the effectiveness of civil society, media and State House of Assembly as agents of citizen voice. We track these processes of citizen engagement over time, with the expectation that ambition and impact will build through experience, and early lower level results to contribute to more significant and sustainable change.

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The SAVI programme came to an end in April 2016. The same management team are now implementing the follow-up programme, the Engaged Citizens Pillar of the new DFID-funded Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) programme in Nigeria, which started in May 2016. This programme will take a similar approach to SAVI, and this SAVI website will link to the PERL website as soon as it is established.