SAVI Approach Paper 11: Managing and Staffing an Adaptive Citizen Engagement Programme

SAVI, a DFID funded programme implemented by Palladium, is an adaptive programme putting learning and adaptation at the centre of all decision-making. In relation to management and staffing SAVI has established the following approaches to facilitate this:

– An adaptive approach to programme management: Full time strategic technical leadership, that works closely with and complements programme management, has been essential to enabling SAVI to work in an adaptive way. This approach has ensured both that staff have appropriate skills, appropriate support and ways of working, and that the management of finances, human resources, incentives and milestones supports and enables adaptive programming.

– Working with the right staff: Adaptive programming requires staff with particular personal competencies, attitudes and behaviour. Learning from experience, SAVI takes the time to identify staff who are willing and able to work adaptively. This includes staff with a strong commitment to reform, the ability to facilitate rather than direct often from behind-the-scenes, work as part of a team, and develop relationships of trust with partners and counterparts. This staff profile has implications for staff recruitment and development, and for the selection and management of consultancy inputs.

SAVI Approach Paper 11: Managing and Staffing an Adaptive Citizen Engagement Programme PDF

The SAVI programme came to an end in April 2016. The same management team are now implementing the follow-up programme, the Engaged Citizens Pillar of the new DFID-funded Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) programme in Nigeria, which started in May 2016. This programme will take a similar approach to SAVI, and this SAVI website will link to the PERL website as soon as it is established.