SAVI Approach Paper 7: Promoting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

We promote attention to gender equality and social inclusion in all of our engagement with CS groups, the media and SHoAs, and in all of the issues and processes they work on. In all the states we work in, we also support partners to focus on some issues and form some partnerships and networks which specifically concern women, girls and excluded groups.

Respect and inclusion are among SAVI’s core values. Senior management and staff are strongly committed to gender equality and social inclusion and ensure this is reflected in all aspects of the programme. Attention to gender and inclusion is explicit across all levels of the SAVI results framework, and enshrined in the programme’s operations manual and all staff terms of reference.

We recognise that change towards greater social equality will be incremental and long-term, and that the challenges are immense. We value and celebrate small incremental changes in individuals and organisations when they occur – demonstrations of attitudes and behaviour that promote inclusion and greater equality. We recognise the huge significance of partners’ own organisations and state governments themselves taking the initiative to promote aspects of social equality and embed this commitment within their own systems and structures.

SAVI Approach Paper 7: Promoting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion PDF

The SAVI programme came to an end in April 2016. The same management team are now implementing the follow-up programme, the Engaged Citizens Pillar of the new DFID-funded Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) programme in Nigeria, which started in May 2016. This programme will take a similar approach to SAVI, and this SAVI website will link to the PERL website as soon as it is established.