Resources for Empowerment and
Accountability programming


These are the tools we have developed to assist our planning, monitoring and management processes. Click on the links for a description of each tool, a link to download it, and a link to the relevant Approach Paper, which gives their context and explains how it is used.

Many of our tools are ‘as you find them’, while others are a little more polished as a result of regular use. You are welcome to use, adapt and share these tools freely under the agreement set out in our Creative Commons license.

Think pieces

Think pieces are our analytical reflections on SAVI’s approach and results, placing them in the context of wider debates on empowerment, accountability and governance from the perspective of development policy and practice.


Community of Practice

SAVI is part of a growing community of practice of policymakers, practitioners and academics committed to finding ways of doing development differently to achieve better results. These are some links to related policy debates and to other programmes exploring different ways of working along similar principles.

The SAVI programme came to an end in April 2016. The same management team are now implementing the follow-up programme, the Engaged Citizens Pillar of the new DFID-funded Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) programme in Nigeria, which started in May 2016. This programme will take a similar approach to SAVI, and this SAVI website will link to the PERL website as soon as it is established.