Achieving results in
Empowerment and Accountability

The case studies accessed from this page illustrate some of the results our partners are achieving. In all cases, these are actions by state governments relating to policy, budgets and practice, which citizens, civil society groups, citizen groups, media organisations and elected state representatives have played a significant part in influencing.

We are most interested in the story behind the result, to understand how partners are achieving a change in the relationship between citizens and their state government. We particularly value results which demonstrate processes of citizen engagement in state governance that show signs of becoming institutionalised and taking on a life of their own without the need for external support.

Case studies are all based on ongoing work.  We will regularly add case studies, and also update existing ones to explain how the situation is developing.

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The SAVI programme came to an end in April 2016. The same management team are now implementing the follow-up programme, the Engaged Citizens Pillar of the new DFID-funded Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) programme in Nigeria, which started in May 2016. This programme will take a similar approach to SAVI, and this SAVI website will link to the PERL website as soon as it is established.